Facilitating Originating Service Provider’s (OSP) next gen solutions and migration from legacy 9-1-1 networks onto our NG9-1-1 i3 network. Our i3-Interconnect™ technology provides an interface for telecom carriers to route both legacy and IP traffic into the SynergemNET™ cloud. Calls can be accepted from anywhere in the country, and can be converted from legacy traffic to i3 format.


Providing public safety organizations with NENA i3 defined NGCS, encompassing the traditional NG9-1-1 Core Services to provide location lookup, routing functions, handling TTY and multimedia traffic, and terminating calls into any available PSAP – including those still using legacy equipment.


Hosted PBX phone systems tied to fully-compliant i3-Call taking applications, for a complete presentation of caller information including location, multimedia content, and metadata. i3-Call also includes a fully functional complete NENA i3 disaster recovery call-handling service, to ensure emergency calls are not lost at the most critical times.


i3-Log™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end network event logging and reporting service that records and documents all i3-Log events from an OSP, through SynergemNET™, to an available PSAP. Records are stored and accessed with ease through our proprietary UX application.