Regulatory Documents

Effective 8-22-20 |Synergem CA Tariff

Synergem NY CSG | Effective 1-1-17

Effective 4-8-17 | Synergem NJ Tariff

Synergem’s Community Experience User Guide


Above is a list of regulatory documents for Synergem Technologies, a pioneering force in the Next Generation 9-1-1 industry. Our commitment to enhancing emergency response systems through innovation and technology is reflected in the comprehensive suite of regulatory documents we have organized for our stakeholders. These are essential resources for understanding the regulatory framework. They are also important for operational protocols that govern the deployment and management of Next Gen 9-1-1 services.

Many of the documents listed above are made up of effective tariffs and policies implemented in various states. These policies play a crucial role in the standardization and efficiency of emergency services. They do so by ensuring that all citizens have access to quick and reliable assistance in times of need. More specifically, these documents cover a wide range of topics from the technical specifications of Next Gen 9-1-1 services, liability regulations, maintenance guidelines and more.

Additionally, we offer an in-depth look into our Synergem Community Experience Portal through the user guide. This guide is designed to give members information on portal access and navigation. Also, it gives a simplified overview of Synergem’s Salesforce account/data. Access is granted to the portal only by Synergem administration, so contact our team if you have issues or questions with your provided login.

Synergem Technologies is dedicated to transparency and collaboration in our efforts to improve emergency response systems. By providing access to these documents, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of the Next Gen 9-1-1 landscape and encourage participation from all stakeholders in shaping the future of emergency services.