Our mission is to streamline the process of upgrading to NG9-1-1, ensuring that communities can seamlessly and efficiently transition from legacy systems to the NENA i3 standard.

Upgrading to NG9-1-1: Innovation, Reliability, Compatibility

Synergem Technologies has innovated new methods of migrating traditional, legacy 9-1-1 call handling services to Next Generation 9-1-1. Over the past 25 years, we have been both the primary service provider and the key partner to hundreds of national companies working to service communities around the country upgrading to NG9-1-1.

Initially founded as a system integrator and value added reseller, Synergem Technologies quickly evolved into a software developer creating innovative methods and technologies in support of emerging NG9-1-1 standards.

SynergemNET™ was designed from the ground up to NENA i3 standards, as a highly reliable, fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure for upgrading to NG9-1-1. The full suite of Synergem Technologies services provides end-to-end call-handling and network solutions.

Synergem Technologies Milestones
  • 1996: Co-invented the interface now used in nearly every 9-1-1 call-taking software
  • 1998: Created first comprehensive, all-in-one integrated call-taker/dispatch system
  • 2000: Designed several of the nations most critical 9-1-1 centers
  • 2005: Deployed the nations first VoIP 9-1-1 System
  • 2008: First to use satellite to deliver 9-1-1 calls to mobile PSAPs
  • 2011: First to provision a complete end-to-end i3 call over ESInet
  • 2013: Provisioned one of the nation’s first NENA i3 call-taking solutions
  • 2020: Launched the world’s first comprehensive NGCS


of Public Safety Innovations and Service

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Connected to PSAPs.

As an industry leader, technology resource, service provider, and partner to so many organizations around the country, we never lose sight of our primary focus – delivering emergency calls to PSAPs. Our NG9-1-1 Soutions are built to facilitate highly available call-handling, managing the data and processes to i3 standards, and connecting PSAPs with the communities that need them at critical times.

We have gone even further than just service and support, to develop a comprehensive PSAP resource index within our site as a complimentary resource to NENA’s training, documentation, and PSAPs real-life experiences working within the call-handling centers.


Support Staff

Our success as a company is the result of the hard work and dedication of our incredible team. The push to be a better public safety resource comes from the individuals within our organization and we’re proud to highlight them below.

Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Holt is the founding investor of Synergem Technologies. He is an original Board member and was instrumental in helping the company find its first opportunities. With his extensive experience in management, Frank was made CEO in October of 2016 to lead the company to its “next level of success.”


President & CTO

Myron began his career at Northern Telecom before working for Sprint for 11 years as an Operations Manager and later an General Manager. His extensive expertise stems from his experience in sales and operations for 15 years. Myron founded Synergem in 2000 and now serves as the President and CTO.


Chief Financial Officer

With over 25 years of progressive experience delivering exceptional results in business planning, operational analysis, financial control and decision making, Ms. Hallman has guided operations and finance in both closely-held private companies and public companies traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is responsible for managing the operations at Synergem. He is a recognized executive in the telecom/technology industry, with 30 years experience leading operations, sales, marketing, product management and business development activities in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments.

A Partner Resource

Synergem Technologies is a proud partner and resource to the many other technology companies supporting communities across the country. We augment some of the key parts of the process for our partners, or we bring on partners to support us as we tackle new challenges for the public safety organizations and the communities they serve.