i3-Call™ is Synergem’s Call Handling as a Service (CHaaS) platform. Built “from the ground up” to be an NG compliant, multimedia-capable system, i3-Call not only includes a state-of-the-art UX / UI experience, but can handle all NG9-1-1 media types and be easily modified to display data from OTT emergency applications.

i3-Call™ is designed to accept fully NENA i3 and ATIS IMS compliant emergency calls / sessions and display that data to call takers and share with other applications in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). Serving as the basis for a true ECC “operating system”.


i3-Call™ incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI / ML) technologies that enable it to orchestrate the data analytics, sifting and “triage” that helps turn raw data into actionable intelligence and serves as our system interface to the Public Safety Broadband Networks (PSBNs) that are increasingly being used to share multimedia data with first responders in the field.

Leverages Industry Leading Avaya Aura Platform
  • Leverages industry leading Avaya Aura platform
  • Full call-center ACD functionality
  • Unified communications for entire jurisdictions (EOC, 311, 511, 9111, admin, etc)
  • JiTC compliant

Real-time Incident Management

Real-time Incident Management tools that can accept multimedia, data rich emergency calls.

Native Support for Voice

Native support for voice, multimedia and messaging when delivered to the PSAP.

Access Additional Call Data

The ability to access additional call data, such as RSS feeds, interconnected commercial data sources, Material Safety Data Sheets, building floor plans or any other images or documents.

Personalized Login

Personalized login for individual call takers/supervisors maintaining layout and preferences.

Provides Standard CAD

Provides standard CAD and logging recorder serial interfaces as defined in NENA 04-001. Also provides EIDO interface to CAD.

Worried About Scalability?

The i3-Call™ Avaya Aura platform can support every 9-1-1 call in the US! 2,000 locations, 250,000 users and 350,000 SIP devices simultaneously. And, 3,000,000 BHCC!

Next Generation 9-1-1 Core Services