Mt. Airy, NC – September 17, 2019 — Synergem Technologies, a leading provider of Next Gen 9-1-1 solutions, today announced the signing of two contracts valued at over $120 million to provide Next Generation 9-1-1 services for the State of California.

Next Gen 9-1-1 Solutions for California RegionsGolden-gate-bridge-closeup-showing-water-and-blue-skies-in-background-with-cars-crossing-the-bridge

Synergem contracted directly with the State to expand its current NG9-1-1 solution. Synergem will expand to all 166 emergency call centers in the Northern region. These call centers provide service to 34 counties, including the San Francisco Bay area. In addition, Synergem contracted with CenturyLink to provide Next Generation 9-1-1 core services to 95 call centers in the State’s Southern region. This includes Orange County and San Diego.

Last year, the Northern and Southern regions combined to handle more than 14 million emergency calls, which represents more than 50% of all 9-1-1 calls in the State. Synergem is responsible for transitioning all this traffic onto its NG9-1-1 network.

Adoption of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) ‘i3’ standard for Next Gen 9-1-1 is crucial for transmitting text, multimedia, and location services today’s smartphones can provide during an emergency. This improves first responder arrival times and can save lives.

“Since our first NG9-1-1 network deployment in 2011, Synergem has worked hard to build a reputation as a dependable NG9-1-1 service provider. We are honored to be entrusted with providing critical Next Generation 9-1-1 services to the State of California. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the State as they migrate to the next generation of 9-1-1.”
— Myron Herron, President & CTO, Synergem Technologies

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Synergem Technologies is the leading provider of NENA i3-based solutions for public safety. The SynergemNET™ suite of hosted services provides a flexible and cost-effective way for telecom carriers, state and local governments, and even individual PSAPs to migrate quickly from the legacy environment to a true NG9-1-1 platform. To learn more about why SynergemNET™ is the Fastest Way to True-i3™, please visit

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