You’re thinking about upgrading your legacy 9-1-1 network to an NG9-1-1 solution. We want to be the first to say congratulations and welcome! You’re in the right place, and you’re making the right decision for your community and your PSAP. Upgrading your PSAP with the most advanced technology before yours becomes obsolete is the most effective way you can continue to serve your community and save lives.

While deciding to upgrade to NG9-1-1 is a huge step forward, the next challenge will be deciding who to work with to get your new, modern, reliable and scalable NG9-1-1 network up and running. 

Whether you are putting out an RFP or researching NG9-1-1 solution providers, here is a list of questions to ask on your road to selecting who is best for your PSAP and community.

18 Questions to Ask A Next Gen 9-1-1 Solution Provider

  1. How long does it take from start to finish to go live?
  2. How scalable is the system during high volume events like a natural disaster?
  3. How does provisioning a virtual PSAP work?
  4. What solutions do you provide that others do not?
  5. What states and counties are you currently working with?
  6. Are you NENA i3 compliant?
  7. Should we upgrade in stages such as call handling to support multimedia messages, or do a full replacement system upgrade?
  8. What are the steps to a full system replacement?
  9. Is there any physical portion of your solution, and where does it live?
  10. Is there a portal for support tickets?
  11. Does location accuracy work for mobile devices that are not phone lines such Life Alert necklaces or Onstar?
  12. How does handset location accuracy work?
  13. Does your solution support the blind and hearing impaired?
  14. Are text and video messages supported upon going live?
  15. Do you run any tests to determine if we are ready to support an upgrade?
  16. Can you show us case studies of your solution implementation in other jurisdictions?
  17. Do you provide training for your solutions?
  18. What is the typical learning curve for PSAP call takers with your NG9-1-1 core services?

We hope these questions will help you on the next step of your NG9-1-1 journey.

The Road to NG9-1-1

Depending on where you live, the upgrade to NG9-1-1 has already begun around you. First responders, law enforcement and EMS technicians are already experiencing the benefits of the enhancements to their technology. Faster response times, precise location accuracy, texts, videos and more.

Getting your PSAP to that point is a process that will take time and effort. Legacy systems have been in place since the 1960s, and PSAP workers are used to these systems. There will be challenges to overcome with whoever you choose as a partner, but the right one will help you face those challenges head on and overcome them with ease.

Do your due diligence and get these questions answered to help you select the right partner that will make the upgrade to NG9-1-1 as smooth as possible. We are here to support you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.