For 50 years, legacy 9-1-1 technology has done its best to serve our communities, and now it’s time for an upgrade into the digital era. Every day we take advantage of network-based banking, education, healthcare, insurance, real estate, and more. Now we have the opportunity to take advantage of network-based 9-1-1 and next generation core services. As legacy networks fail to meet the needs of Americans around the country, lives are in danger.

The benefits of network-based next generation core services – the software and databases that process a 9-1-1 call – are impressive. We’re talking system resiliency, interoperability, accuracy and security. Let’s go through the benefits together and learn what these services have to offer, and consider if it’s right for your PSAP, agency, or county.woman-in-long-sleeve-white-shirt-talking-on-headset-as-she-look-at-map-on-monitor-to-respond-to-emergency-next-generation-9-1-1-situation

  1. An IP-based system in the network will always be running on the most advanced technologies and life-saving functionalities available. No more end user or on-site technician maintenance or upgrades.
  2. GIS technology that drives next generation core services has enhanced location accuracy and situational awareness. A pinpointed location means faster response times to the scene, and geospatial information gives first responders an every further layer of information like what floor of an apartment building a call is coming from.
  3. A network-based system for next generation core services is scalable up or down depending on the needs of your PSAP and emergency service demands.
  4. The resiliency and redundancy of the next generation core service system allows the immediate transfer of information to almost any PSAP. Additionally, it provides services without bandwidth interruptions.
  5. Greater security measures can be implemented with advanced NG9-1-1 technologies.
  6. Network-based next generation core services decrease long-term cost for infrastructure that can be shared with multiple agencies.

Start Your Upgrade to Next Generation Core Services

To do our job and serve our communities and their safety, 9-1-1 needs a national upgrade to modern technology. And the most successful upgrades to next generation core services in the network are the result of education and readiness. As you begin your migration to NG9-1-1, read through our PSAP resources. A good place to start is Questions to Ask When Upgrading to NG9-1-1 and How to Find the Right NG9-1-1 Vendor. Please contact our team with any questions. We’re happy to assist in your education and upgrade to Next Generation 9-1-1.