This fall, the Synergem team is excited to participate in the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA) Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) in Chicago, IL. This gathering will provide our team with the perfect opportunity to connect with committee leaders and working group members. Together, we’ll discuss ongoing projects, share updates on standards development processes, and more. Several Synergem colleagues are actively involved in various committees and working groups. Thus, enhancing our contribution to this Next Gen 9-1-1 event. Participants have the option to attend this event in person or virtually.

Following the JCM event, NENA will host an Industry Collaboration Event. During this time, vendors can visit a lab that NENA built at the Illinois Institute of Technology and run through processing and testing NG9-1-1 technology in a collaborative environment. Synergem is hopeful to partake in this opportunity with other Next Gen 9-1-1 experts!

Detail Recap for the JCM & ICE Next Gen 9-1-1 Events:two-desks-with-lots-of-monitors-showing-next-gen-9-1-1-event-lab-where-synergem-technologies-and-other-companies-can-test-their-ng911-equipment

What: NENA’s Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) & Industry Collaboration (ICE) Event 2024

Where: Chicago, IL (Virtual Options Available)

When: October 24-28th, 2024

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About Synergem Technologies

Synergem Technologies is involved in moving communities away from legacy 9-1-1 systems to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) based on the NENA i3 standard. Over 25 years, we have transformed from a system integrator to one of the leading software developers,


providing innovative, reliable solutions in the shape of SynergemNET™, fault-tolerant infrastructure for NG9-1-1 services. Our core focus is on the provision of efficient emergency call services to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and forging connectivity between PSAPs and communities in critical times. The other services Synergem offers, besides the above, include a complete PSAP resource index, which upgrades support with training and real-life operational insights. We associate widely with the technology partners, addressing the challenges that are new to public safety communications.