Project Synopsis

Synergem Technology onboards Grant County and several other Wisconsin counties onto SynergemNET™ NG9-1-1 ecosystem including i3-Route™, enabling the immediate retirement of the legacy selective router and ALI database management system.

Services Provided, Including i3-Route™ambulance-driving-down-highway-with-flashing-lights-on-a-cloudy-day-to-show-quick-emergency-response-thanks-to-synergemnet-ng911-technology-including-i3-route

i3-Interconnect™ handles inbound calls from local carriers

i3-Route™ provides instantaneous geolocation based routing to PSAPs

SystemNET™ supports both i3 and legacy call handling equipment

County officials and PSAP’s provided training and onboarding support

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Project Details & i3-Routegrant-county-city-showing-buildings-along-the-river-with-blue-skies-where-synergem-technologies-did-next-generation-9-1-1-technology-upgrade

As many counties start the process of upgrading to new 9-1-1 solutions, Grant County made it a priority to support public safety initiatives ahead of state legislation and other counties within the state. The multi-faceted project started with a direct partnership with the TDS Telecommunications (TDS), the incumbent local exchange carrier, who has been working to eliminate legacy technology and introduce NG9-1-1 solutions for public safety organizations across the country.

With its upgrade to i3 systems, TDS converts all calls to i3 format regardless of where they come from (cell phone, landline, VoIP, or LEC). These calls are routed into SynergemNET™, Synergem’s full suite of hosted i3-based services. While i3-Interconnect™ brings the calls in from TDS, i3-Route™ uses fully i3-compliant software to route calls and provides location, TTY, multimedia and other i3-standard capabilities for all emergency calls within the county.

Grant County had already invested and implemented i3 call-handling software, but prior to this project calls hadbeen handled with restricted data and the potential for delayed responses or dropped calls due to legacy systems. “It used to ring 2-3 times before the call came into a PSAP, and now 9-1-1 calls are instantaneous,” explained Chris Johll from Grant County during a followup quality control survey.

”We had a great experience, definitely a learning curve and onboarding process, but the Synergem team did a terrific job. They were knowledgeable and accountable,” explained Chris regarding the overall experience. And when asked what the county would do differently if given the opportunity to start this process over, Chris explained he would “partner with Synergem sooner.”

To learn more about how Synergem Technology’s SynergemNET™ ecosystem can help you gain the benefits of NG9-1-1, contact our team today. There you’ll find much more detail about how Synergem can help speed your way to a True-i3™ network.