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Pioneering Technology, World-class Solutions

For over 14 years, the Synergem Technologies team has been pioneering advanced technology in the 9-1-1 industry. Synergem was the first to market with an i3 Emergency Service IP-based Network (ESInet). In recent years, we have partnered with Oracle Communications and Avaya to build a highly-reliable and fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) services. The result of these partnerships is an ESInet with security, capacity and resiliency unrivaled in the industry – Synergem’s EvolutionNET™ and the Evolution Suite of 9-1-1 services.

Launched in 2013, EvolutionNET™ has been tested with superlative results in the last two Industry Collaboration Events hosted by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) as well as in third-party lab environments. EvolutionNET™ is not a re-packaging of legacy technology to look like an i3 compliant solution. It is the only ESInet built from the ground up compliant with NENA’s i3 standards.

A Leader in Customer Support

But industry-leading technology on its own does not deliver a robust solution. Synergem’s focus on training, communication and servicing transforms our services into world-class solutions for our customers. With a dedicated account manager, multiple communication channels, and semi-annual (brief!) customer satisfaction surveys, we work to build a dialogue with each and every customer. We ensure that the solution meets the needs of your staff from the telecommunicator to the CIO.

The Evolution Suite of services offers clients:

  • Evolution911™ is a feature–rich call-taking solution built to i3 standards and provided as a service, a hosted solution or as customer-premise equipment (CPE).
  • EvolutionC2C™ is a robust CAD-to-CAD solution that allows jurisdictions to share resources in a fully integrated mutual-aid environment.
  • EvolutionMNS™ is a network interface solution that translates calls coming through legacy networks and trunks into the i3 format, easing the burden of transition. Among its most important attributes, this solution greatly simplifies the creation of complex interconnect agreements with telecommunications service providers.

 Enhanced Functionality, Intelligence, Power

The Evolution™ Suite of services provides an array of benefits, including:
  • Native ability to send and receive multimedia – including text and video – to 9-1-1. Allows data and multimedia to be sent to first responders en route or on scene. Enables witnesses and victims to silently notify emergency services and responders to arrive on scene better prepared, saving valuable time.
  • Security, redundancy and resiliency. By partnering with Oracle, Synergem brings clients a resilient, secure, highly-reliable and fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure using the carrier-grade technology that is employed in over 90% of commercial networks worldwide. The foundation of our solution has been globally deployed and proven to be uniquely able to support high call volumes with best in class security and fault-tolerance.
  • An integrated NG9-1-1 solution built on NENA i3 standards. From ESInet to call-taking, mapping, recording and reporting, the Synergem solution provides a seamless NG9-1-1 environment built to NENA’s standards. The solution is fully interoperable with other i3 networks.
  • Calling capacity and scalability. Use of carrier-grade tools built on Oracle’s market-proven and tested platform and delivered using best-in-class vendors like Avaya, result in exceptional capacity and scalability.
  • Dynamic call routing and algorithm-based call prioritization. Select (or all) calls can be routed to designated PSAPs in case of overflow, outage or skills need. This redirection is usually accomplished automatically but, in special circumstances, can be done with a few mouse clicks. Algorithmic prioritization provides enhanced intelligence which can ensure that the calls you most need to receive are getting to call takers.
  • Central, unified management of the network. Ongoing monitoring and management as well as service provider interconnect agreements and connectivity are managed to allow clients to focus resources on higher priority initiatives. Upgrades are implemented with no downtime or finger-pointing.
  • Value to you and to the communities you serve. The solution we are proposing delivers the public safety benefits of NG9-1-1 to your communities in a cost-effective manner. Our pricing is based on ESInet as a Service (EaaS) and Solution as a Service (SaaS) subscription models that eliminate unexpected cost increases. GSA procurement and leasing options give your agency further flexibility in its financial planning.
The Evolution suite of products brings enhanced functionality to clients, enhanced intelligence to the network, and enhanced power – in the form of capacity, resiliency and security – to your systems. They are solutions for today but as importantly, they are enabling technologies that facilitate adoption of new capabilities, providing a robust foundation for future growth.