Best Practices for NG9-1-1 Implementation: Case Study

Presenters: Patrick Voigt [Director of Engineering, STI], Danny McGinnis [Director of Program Management, STI], Budge Currier [9-1-1 Branch Manager, CalOES]

Session Summary

A gap exists between the theory presented in NENA i3 standards and real-world implementation of a multi-vendor solution based upon it. While essential, standards are not enough to fully implement an operational system. This session is dedicated to discussing hard-won knowledge around deployment of best practices. Also, focuses on giving solid advice about how to rollout a fully functioning system, using NENA i3 as a base.

The speakers will share their “real world” experience deploying NG9-1-1 systems in California. Including, the do’s, don’ts, and successes of NENA i3-based ESInet / NGCS deployment in a multivendor environment that can’t be found in the standards. 

Attending this session, will enable you to benefit from California’s experience in rolling out these systems. Take advantage of the discerned best practices presented and avoid the pitfalls California encountered as one the pioneers in rolling out NG9-1-1.


More About the NENA i3 Standards and Best Practices Conference

#NENASBP is a conference unlike any other. It is an interactive, informative, attendee-driven event. An event where you not only learn about the standards that are spurring the development and implementation of NG9-1-1 technology and operations best practices, but also create the guidelines, resources, and documents that enable NG services, systems, and PSAPs to reach their full potential.

With your peers from across the 9-1-1 universe, you’ll discuss and work to address the most pressing NG-related issues. These issues include: GIS and NG-data needs; location services and accuracy; interoperability; telecommunicator SOPs; real-time text; transition planning; security and resiliency; multimedia messaging and accessibility; training; stress and wellness; the evolution of 9-1-1 center supervision and management; and more!

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