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A Call-Taking “Solution as a Service” Ready for i3 NG9-1-1

Synergem’s Next Generation call-taking solution – i3-Call™ – provides a feature-rich, call-taking experience that fully exploits the capabilities that can be delivered through an i3 ESInet. In addition, it provides enhanced functionality, scalability and flexibility when connected to a legacy network.

I3-Call™ provides a hosted Avaya Aura PBX, the gold standard in enterprise VoIP systems and the leading system in use by PSAPs. This is coupled with Synergem’s Evolution911™ Elite workstation software, that is built with an innovative SIP service oriented architecture (SOA). Just as IT departments implement traditional SOAs as distributed and scalable application infrastructure, the Synergem SIP SOA enables Evolution911™ Elite to readily integrate with systems, applications and end-user devices through unified communications “services.”

In practical terms, the Synergem SIP SOA enables organizations to “communications-enable” any system or application, offering practical benefits such as:

  • An extremely small resource footprint.
  • Centralized management and provisioning to enable simple administration.
  • Self-healing architecture in the event of system failure.
  • Industry-leading scalability; requiring one-sixth the server resources required by other major vendors.

A System for Today and the Future

This efficiency and flexibility enables customers to tailor their i3-Call™ deployment to their unique network architecture, and makes it easy to expand capacities as you add end-users or services. As a hardware-agnostic solution, Evolution911™ enables customers to choose their preferred workstations and telephones. Its enhanced Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration makes it easy for administrators to integrate with existing directory services and manage system end-users.

In addition to these benefits, i3-Call™ delivers other powerful advantages for clients including:

  • Interoperability and flexibility. By building this solution using generally accepted industry standards and off-the-shelf CPE, interfacing with other platforms and services is simplified and you aren’t tied to proprietary hardware or software.
  • Servicing. Clients own the CPE but our support staff will monitor, manage and support it for the life of the contract.

End-State Compliance

Because i3-Call™ was conceived and developed to satisfy applicable NENA standards, it will fit immediately into a future deployment of an i3-compliant ESInet whether or not that network is provided by our team. You will need no forklift upgrade, no new components and very little adaptation. When the i3 ESInet is added, clients will have an end-state i3 solution in place.