Synergem Technologies, Evolution9-1-1Synergem Technologies, a leading provider of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) solutions, has completed the implementation of Teton County’s NG9-1-1-ready call-taking platform. NG9-1-1 solutions are designed to provide access to emergency services from all connected communication sources including text and multimedia.

Underpinning the new call-taking platform is Synergem’s Evolution911™ software solution. This system delivers enhanced functionality, such as allowing call-takers to use call back numbers while protecting the caller’s anonymity as well as a number of new call handling options for the 911 staff. Additionally, Evolution911™ has a sophisticated management information system which serves up to the call-taker additional data related to that number. These critical system attributes help to prepare dispatchers and first-responders with knowledge they may need to better handle the emergency.

Evolution911™ is unique from other solutions in that it is designed to also safeguard against system failure. Built using IP architecture, the platform continuously runs redundant components in parallel to the front-end Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) system. This configuration prevents call interruption in the event any component in the system becomes overloaded or fails.

“Upgrading our call-taking platform is the first critical step in laying the foundation for an end-to-end Next Generation 9-1-1 environment,” said Teton County Sheriff Van Setten. “Synergem’s Evolution911 TM solution is highly sophisticated with its capabilities yet it offers an intuitive interface and is uncomplicated in the way it integrates with other systems.”

“Teton County marks the first of many Evolution 911 implementations we will be doing in Montana,” said Brett Trainor, Executive Vice President of Synergem Technologies. “We would like to thank Sheriff Van Setten and his staff, along with various other partners who have been critical in the successful implementation of this NG9-1-1-ready solution.”

Synergem Technologies, Inc., based out of North Carolina, places a premium on providing not only the technology needed to migrate to NG9-1-1, but comprehensive, ongoing training and support. Although the platform is designed for remote support, Synergem has taken the added step of partnering with Billings, MT based DIS Technologies to provide on-site support should it ever be needed in Teton.

Synergem Technologies is a leading provider of Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions for public-safety. Synergem has transformed from being a systems integrator to a provider of its own advanced technology built to NENA standards. Network capabilities and connecting solutions provided range from implementing end-to-end platforms and systems to delivering enhanced functionality with smarter call routing and prioritization, and offering secure delivery of multimedia communications including text, image, voice and video.

Evolution 9-1-1™ is a feature-rich NG9-1-1 call-taking experience that fully employs the capabilities of an i3-compliant ESInet, regardless of provider. Built to comply with relevant NENA standards, the solution delivers native support for multimedia calls and comes text to 9-1-1 ready. Using service oriented architecture, the solution readily integrates with systems, applications and end-user devices through unified communications services. Additional benefits include an intuitive user interface, a small resource footprint, seamless redundancy failover, centralized management and provisioning to enable simple administration.

—Tammy Waitt

This article originally appeared in American Security Today.