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PSAP in BoxNeed a back-up PSAP? We make it easy and affordable.

North Carolina has mandated that all PSAPs develop a plan and acquire funding for a back-up facility if the primary center is inoperable [G.S. 62A-46(e)(4a)]. The deadline is just around the corner!

Fortunately, Synergem Technologies has a solution.

Synergem’s PSAP in a Box™ is a rapidly-deployed, fully selfcontained emergency call-taking solution. Using our PSAP in a Box™, call-takers can be positioned anywhere they can connect to the network.

We even help with paperwork. Our documentation kit includes templates for grant requests and a back-up PSAP/disaster recovery plan.

A highly mobile, rapidly deployed, NENA-compliant solution for back-up and remote PSAPs

A computing device and reliable network connection — even wireless access — are all you need to create ad hoc call-taker positions.

Set up in a school, office building, library … even at the site of an incident. Anywhere with reliable broadband access can become a PSAP in minutes.

All the necessary equipment is packed in durable, water-resisitant cases for maximum mobility and protection from the elements.

Our intuitive user interface, easy-to-follow training, and simple “cheat sheets” will help your call-takers get up to speed quickly on key functionality.

Synergem’s PSAP in a Box™ meets NENA’s Next Generation 9-1-1 standards and will remain in compliance throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Low-cost licensing

Ask us about pricing options. PSAP in a Box™ is a cost-effective alternative to other back-up solutions and is far less expensive than buidling a dedicated back-up facility.